The documents and information found here are intended to support Counsellors and Career Information Advisors (CIA's) as they advise students with career programming and transitioning.  Documents found in other educator groups may also be beneficial.  Individual trades program flyers are found under the "Programs" tab.

Career Crafting the Decade After High School

A 2015 update of the Decade After High School.  Strategies/influences to help young people navigate the uncertainty of career journeys.

CERIC Website

A link to CERIC - Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counsellors.  Lots to look at here re: career counselling!

ITA – Youth in Trades

Students can determine “what they are made of” and identify trades suited to them.

Mining Career Profiles

Over 300 pages profiling careers that support the mining trades.  You'll be surprised at the list!

The Decade After High School

A 2008 research project that offers career counsellors with strategies and practices to support students transitioning from high school.