Canadian Apprenticeship Forum - Part 1

 What is an apprenticeship and how can employers benefit from sponsoring an apprentice?

Canadian Apprenticeship Forum - Part 2

Steps for implementing an apprenticeship program in your company and tips for success.

Canadian Apprenticeship Forum - Part 3

A journeyperson's guide to apprenticeship; how to be a coach and mentor.

Canadian Apprenticship Forum - Part 4

How a sponsor employer can recruit, support and retain women in the trades.

Industry Training Authority (ITA) – overview for employers

Excellent source of information for employers considering sponsoring an apprentice in BC.

ITA Employer Guidebook

An overview of the BC apprenticeship system and the steps required to sponsor apprentices.

ITA – Apprenticeship Basics for Employers

The roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in apprenticeship training in BC.

Supervision and Sign-off Authority

If you are not yet certified, but have extensive experience in your trade, apply for this if you wish to sponsor an apprentice.

Tax credits for employers

BC provincial training tax credits for employers and employees engaged in apprenticeship programs with the Industry Training Authority (ITA).

Work-Based Training Report (ITA)

Print and complete form (sponsor signs).  Submit to SD38 Career Programs Office for SSA and ACE IT students.

Worksite Agreement - Standard - myWEX

All SD38 Standard Worksite Agreements must be generated using the myWEX site.  Contact the Career Programs Office if you need a log in account.