The Professional Cook Level 1 certification program provides a solid foundation of skills required for a cook to succeed in today’s fast-paced, diverse food service environment.  Students learn to prepare of a variety of foods including breads, roasts, sauces, seafood, soups and stocks.  As well, they will gain skills in kitchen management, butchery, and baking.  Upon successful completion of this program, along with the required work experience, students will receive the first of three levels towards their Red Seal certification.

Program Details

  • full-time; Februay to July (Semester 2) for 2021-22
  • full-time; subsequent July, students must attend VCC for four weeks (downtown Pender St campus)
  • receive 16 grade 12 credits (three in-class courses and one WEX course)
  • earn level 1 technical training with the Industry Training Authority (ITA)

Professional Cook Program Video