• "[Frank] likes his job, and I am convinced that if somebody likes what they're doing, their life will go very well."

    Carmel Deasy - mother of  Frank Deasy (ACE IT Grad 2014) - Plumbing (PIC)


    "When I came to take a look at the millwright program, it lit a fire inside of me.  It was like ‘ Wow I could imagine myself doing this on a daily basis, and it wouldn’t be the same as the day before'."

    Danica Lum (ACE IT Grad 2014) - Millwright (KPU)

  • "I’m really glad that programs like this are available. I now know that this is what I really want to pursue as a career. I feel like I am already ahead of my peers."

    Mandy Wan (ACE IT Grad 2014) - Baking & Pastry Arts (VCC)


  • "The instructors are really helpful. Metal Fabrication is unlike any program I could take in high school. It’s like real life and it’s really fun.  At first I thought, ‘can I really build that?’ and as went along, I started to believe in myself."

    Nicholas Wu (ACE IT Grad 2014) - Metal Fabrication (BCIT)

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