Secondary Parents...MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

Evening Information Zoom Sessions will be offered to provide overviews of our programs, including Youth Train in Trades, Youth Work in Trades and other experiential learning opportunities.  We pay the college tuition for the first level of pre-apprenticeship technical training (the "real deal").  On average, it's a savings of $2500-$4500 to families.  Check our home page, Twitter, Instagram pages and your school's website for any upcoming information sessions. 

If you'd like to join the Zoom Meeting, details can be found on the Slat Board in the Career Office at each school, or please email the Career Programs Office ( one or more days in advance, so we can email you the Zoom link information.

If you have any questions or need further support, please contact the Career Programs Office (604-668-6000 ext 3766) or


Youth Train in Trades Parent video

High Five Messages

Developed by several Canadian career educators, this "High Five" career development model is recognized around the world.

Career Development Resource for Parents

A resource supported by the Canada Career Information Partnership to help parents explore the role of career coach and ally.

Career Resources for Parents

Contains several websites and resources for parents to support your child's career development at any age.

Careers In Trades

Discover the facts about a career in the skilled trades and how an apprenticeship can help you earn while you learn.

Grad Planner 2018-19 - BC Ministry of Ed.

Learn about educational requirements and choices available and choose the path that best fits for the graduation years.

Inspirational Quotes

You may want to share some of these quotes to inspire your child as they explore their own goals for the future.

Parents Guide to Funding Higher Education

85% of Canadian students will graduate from higher education with an average of $27,000 of debt.  This article offers some solutions to parents.

Work BC - Career Trek

Wondering if a career in trades or technologies is right for your son or daughter? Explore links and videos on this site to explore the options.

Work BC - Career Trek - Parent Guide

This resource for parents is offered in multiple languages.  The information is as relevant today as when it came out in 2018.